Elder Abuse

Our lawyers represent seniors who have substantial investments or assets that were stolen or lost by unscrupulous brokers and agents.

Seniors who have substantial investments or assets can be attractive targets for unscrupulous individuals. This is particularly the case for elderly individuals who did not manage the family’s finances. These individuals may not fully understand the nature of their investments. Even seniors without substantial assets can be targeted.

California has taken important steps to curb elder financial abuse. In fact, anyone 65 or older who has fallen victim to financial abuse may be eligible to recover three times their losses as compensation as well as payment of their attorney’s fees by the responsible party.

Senior financial abuse can involve all types of fraud or mismanagement, including:

Seniors can also be taken advantage of by insurance agents who pressure them into buying disproportional amounts of insurance in instances of insurance fraud.

If you are concerned that your senior loved one has been taken advantage of financially, you can discuss the situation with the attorneys at Rosenberger + Kawabata. They can help you understand whether or not fraud has occurred and what can be done to rectify your loved one’s situation.

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